Sanctified, Glorified

Sanctified, Glorified

We are His church; His Bride! Oh Father, take this veneer, this façade of humble tears, This works based humility And set us free! Set us Free! Yeshua, your blood justifies Your Stain magnifies the Glory of your Gain! Your reward, your battle fought, Your liberty that sets us free for Liberty! Turning, turning, keep […]

Oh Mercy Seat

Oh, Mercy Seat! Triumphing over judgments’ own decree Thou  font of Glory for such a wretch as me. Oh unending Love, not one jot or tittle of the law is parsed, Notwithstanding, shame demanding, Violence ready at the door; Desist! You say, ‘No More!’ It is finished, it has been DONE, all sin has lost […]

It’s Morning

It’s morning and I am prepared To take upon this day A trust and hope A firm belief that Grace Will lead the way. Grace! That Gift wrapped in Your Blood And sealed with Your display Of crucified and mangled flesh ‘a worm and not a man’, foretold and yes, Earth shaken, veil ripped, ‘it […]

A Secret Place

I have found a secret place where order is the rule. The chaos that turns and twists the world would say that I’m a fool. For love of balance, peace and joy, are not worthy to compete, With the ugliness of desperation, the death wish of defeat. The cynical laugh that would love to strip […]


Raining softly, softly Sparrow takes flight Overhead, stratified clouds of varied greys Share the winds with brilliant, cumulus whites. Breaths of cool, sweet air Break into earths dampened spices And touch my face, my hair Deep inside I sense a longing For the Master of this place Where is He whose Word was spoken Gave […]